Accept a Mobile Transfer with Ticketmaster

What if I told you there are a few different types of electronic tickets? There are also different platforms that host the tickets.

Here we will take a look at Ticketmaster® and their version of Mobile ticketing.


  1. Open your email account (the same one you used to place your order)
  2. Tap into the email from the team or performer you placed the order for. In this case, it's the NY Yankees.
  3. Tap the black button that reads "CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT TICKETS"
  4. Either sign into your pre-existing account or create a new account by tapping the black button that reads "Create Account"
  5. Tap the black button that reads "Accept Offer"
  6. Tap "ALL EVENTS" in top navigation bar
  7. Tap into the game or concert you plan to attend
  8. View your mobile tickets


In a nutshell, you need a Ticketmaster® account and you need to claim the tickets and they must be displayed on a smart mobile device.

Ticketmaster® requires you to use a smart mobile device to enter the event. You cannot print these tickets and gain entry, they must be displayed on your phone.

Some events have a 24-72 hour delayed release policy. This means you can accept the ticket offer by following all of the steps listed above, and when you go to view the tickets themselves the barcode will not become visible until 24-72 hours before the event.


Still having trouble? We’re happy to help as best we can!

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